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Annualized Return
Preferred Return
Hold Time

Investment at a Glance


Total Units

22 Acres

Lot Size

1976 / 1980

Year Built

5 - 6 Year

Hold Time


Rentable Square Feet


In Recent Capital Improvements

Passive investment opportunity

The Falls & Oak Village

The Falls and Oak Village is a 409-unit, individually metered community located in Fort Worth, Texas that consists of two phases, the 152-unit Oak Village (year of construction 1980) and 257-unit Falls (year of construction 1976).  The two properties are adjacent to one another and are run out of one leasing office.

Recent Improvements
More than $5MM in Recent Capital Improvement Including New Siding, Roofs, Paint, Common Area Amenities, and Interior Renovations
Additional Income Opportunities
Ability to Add Significant Ancillary Income (Tech Packages, Reserved Parking, Valet Trash, etc.) and Realize Significant Utility Cost Savings.
Invest in falls & oak village

Investment Overview

Well Maintained, 409 Unit Community Built in 1980/1976 in Appealing D/FW Location Near Numerous Employment Drivers
More than $5MM in Recent Capital Improvement Including New Siding, Roofs, Paint, Common Area Amenities and Interior  Renovations
Substantial Upside Through Improved Interior Finishes
The deal targets a total Internal Rate of Return of 20% and a preferred return of 5-7%.
506-C offering available to Accredited Investors.
Invest in falls & oak village
Units Acquired
Total Transactions

Why Blue Ocean Capital?

We help investors build generational wealth and passive income to leave a legacy. Our process involves the acquisition, operation, and eventual disposition, of large-scale real estate, as a vehicle to provide investors with a safe alternative to traditional stock and bond markets. Our primary focus is the protection and preservation of our investors’ wealth; then outsized growth.

-Chander Mishra M.D. MBA CPC — Founder

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Blue Ocean's Competitive Advantage

Expertise in the

Blue Ocean Capital prides itself by having the resources to identify, analyze and manage our funds. We also know that being resourceful is the key to continued growth and satisfaction. We are continually building our team.

Transparency & Accessibility

Are you frustrated because of the loss of transparency in Wall Street firms? Does it seem like this is becoming the standard rather than the exception? We believe that the only way to have lasting success is to offer full transparency while being totally accessible to you.


We know that our success is determined both by the relationships we have in the local market and with our investors. Our long-term relationship with you, the investor, will be the legacy of our company. But we are, however, also keenly aware that our responsibilities do not stop at our office doors.

Long-term Financial Advantage

We focus on our investors’ goals and objectives which are capital preservation and passive income in order for them to be able to focus on their passion. In turn, the long-term advantage is simple - more time. Many of our investors are M.D.s seeking ways to generate more cash flow that doesn’t involve their medical practice.

Proprietary Data Analysis

Our diverse management team and connection to key play-makers give us access to select key sub-markets and income-producing investments that are not found on Wall Street. This helps you achieve true diversification beyond public equities and, in turn, less exposure to volatility.

Your Elite Access

In the past, investing in alternative investments and funds has been reserved for those with access and relationships with key deal-makers. Now, there are new systems that allow you, the Accredited Investor, access to these unique opportunities. Our mission is to make these funds more accessible to investors.

Management Team

Chander Mishra MD MBA CPC
Founder & CEO

Chander Mishra MD MBA is an MF real estate investor and a sponsor, who has invested in over 3000 units across the US, worth over $200MM. Chander is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of Accel Equity Group LLC, and Blue Ocean Capital a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily investments, where he helps investors create wealth by generating double-digit returns by investing in the apartments. He is an author speaker and has appeared as guest on multiple podcasts

Iva Mishra MBA CPC

Over 14 years of property management, business consulting, HOA management, real estate, and asset management experience. She is a certified business coach, franchise consultant helping businesses grow by achieving goals. Iva continuously shares her knowledge and time with the local business community, nonprofits, school districts.

Tony Antony

Tony Antony is a real estate developer, investor, and experienced digital marketing professional. Tony is also the co-founder of, a SaaS-based commercial and residential deal analysis software. Tony’s expertise lies in developing SaaS products, office spaces, Apartment Syndications, and is involved with large land purchase and sale deals. Tony also has more than 18 years of experience in technical marketing and received a master`s degree in telecommunications from SMU, and an MBA from UTD. Crypto enthusiast – engaged with BTC Mining and Staking ETH / ADA

Joseph James

Over 12 years of real estate investing and brokerage experience. Founder and CEO of ROI-Muse, a company that provides software, training and coaching for Commercial Brokers and Investors. Joseph is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and has trained more than 4,000 agents and investors on Commercial and Multifamily Investments.

VP of Operations

Brenda has over 20 years in the real estate arena overseeing over 40,000 acres of government leasing portfolio consisting of industrial, retail, medical, and commercial real estate, including multifamily. She has significant asset management experience and is recognized by Top Performer awards.  She brings vast experience and knowledge with Fannie Mae Guidelines, low-income tax credits, and commercial lending process; to streamline the acquisitions process.  Brenda was born in San Antonio, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.

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We help investors build generational wealth and passive income to leave a legacy. Our process involves the acquisition, operation, and eventual disposition, of large-scale Multifamily real estate.
We are pleased to introduce The Fall and Oak's Village in Fort Worth, TX, a revenue-producing multifamily property in one of Texas's fastest-growing affluent cities.

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